The Association of Finnish Alcoholic Beverage Suppliers

SAJK currently has some 30 members. Some are international giants in their fields, others specialized Finnish entrepreneurs. All are dedicated to the view that Finland needs fair, consistent and reasonable policies on alcohol importing, wholesale and distribution to restaurants.

While Finland has a total of about 120 firms focusing on import, wholesale, or restaurant distribution of wines and spirits, SAJK members account for about 90 % of the business. The product selections of SAJK members range from wines and liqueurs to distilled spirits such as whiskeys, cognacs, vodkas, and rums.

Permitting of commercial imports and wholesale of alcoholic beverages is tightly regulated and supervised by Valvira, the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health. Permits are only granted to agents in good standing that meet strict criteria.

SAJK is established in 1993.